Drunken Adventures

Session 1 Summary

Nyx and Ryker arrived outside the city gates whereupon they found Col bleeding and near death. Taking it upon themselves to rescue him from death, they proceeded to enter the city gates.

The guards at the gates required them to surrender their arms and armor. Due to a recent kidnapping the city watch was taking no chances and tensions were running high.

After being relieved of their gear, the party proceeded to gather in a local tavern to meet up with Rorik, their somewhat inebriated guide. Introductions were had all around and a deal was struck for the dwarf’s services. As the group settled down to rest for the evening, another drunken patron of the tavern accosted Rorik and before anyone could intervene , the group found themselves embroiled in a somewhat organized arena bar brawl.
the group managed to lay low their enemies without much injury.

The next day the party set off to investigate the disappearances that have been plaguing the area. Pooling their resources, the group discovered that these missing persons may be the work of a much reviled archdemon. They followed the trail of evidence south east to the town of Deti where they met a wise old hermit of a barkeep. His advice proved invaluable to the group.

Deep in the night they spotted a group of mysterious individuals who might be connected to the problems of the region. After subdoing the villians, the group discovered these villains were under the control of some other being by means of a geas. They tracked another of these unwilling villains toward a nearby farm.

On their way they were attacked by a demonic scarecrow, animated by some unholy magic. The group overcame the monster, but not without injury…

To be continued.

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